Moving on…

I resigned from my position at Gwaalagaa Naay Corporation (Haida Heritage Centre management).

This decision didn’t come easy.

I have loved working here, I have learned so much.

GNC has given me a professional platform. I work with incredible people. This office can be stressful but to mitigate that stress we have a lot of fun.

We laugh hard and we work hard.


I am going to miss:  Monday- Fruit Day (this one was in my honour), Tuesday- Wheel around on your chair day, Wednesday- Concentrate and get your work done day, Thursday- Swear day, Friday- Cake Day.

I am going to miss the fun that we have in between all of the stress.


My boss, Lin Armstrong has been an incredible influence in my life.

She has believed in my abilities and allowed me to grow professionally. She has listened to my side of things and allowed me to state my opinion.

Lin, you handed me my dream by telling me about the First People’s cultural council grant. You supported me through my application and in working part-time during my internship.


I felt so worried when I told my boss that I was leaving and she just smiled at me and told me I could do anything, except for math.

Seraphine- I appreciate your friendship, your support and all of your printer help and pens.

It’s been a wonderful journey working here and I will miss it- but I will come for lunch as often as I can when I return home from Vancouver. Today’s my last day and Lin walked in and handed me a GNC team ring. I’m hoping to make it through the day without shedding any tears.


Thank-you everyone for reading the Haida Heritage Centre’s blog. I will continue to write a blog but on behalf of the Haida Gwaii Museum- about my journey into curating. I hope you will continue to read.

Blog written by: Michaela McGuire, former project officer at GNC/HHC, current intern curator at the Haida Gwaii Museum until the end of November.

Then who knows, life’s full of surprises.