A New Adventure

I found out some shocking and wonderful news last week.

I am about to begin a new journey.

I received the First Peoples Cultural Council Arts Administrator Internships and Mentorship grant.

I had accepted that I didn’t get it and then I opened up my email, read “congratulations” and screamed. My boss and co-worker thought there was a spider in my office (another story for a different day). We all did a happy dance.

I will be working as an Intern Curator for the next year.

This is my dream come true.

Something I never thought would happen.

My internship will begin at the Haida Gwaii Museum, under Associate Curator Nika Collison. I will be working on display and programming around the replica of the Great Box and curating the Patrick McGuire exhibition, opening July 10th, 2015. After a busy Summer season, my dog and I will be flying to my other home, Vancouver, for a six week stay.

I will begin with three weeks under Kwiaahwah Jones at the Bill Reid Gallery. Followed by a three week internship at the Museum of Anthropology under Karen Duffek.

I will continue my regular job at Gwaalagaa Naay Corporation (Haida Heritage Centre management) and will be working with our Summer Students at the Haida Heritage Centre during the Summer season. The coming months are going to be busy, but I couldn’t be more excited.

I will continue to blog about the happenings at the Heritage Centre, Haida art and history and my days as a curator over the coming months.

I am so lucky to work with such great people at Gwaalagaa Naay.  We stress out, we stress eat, we laugh and we swear like ladies. Haawa Lin and Sera for encouraging me to go for this grant- even though it means my office will be empty for a couple of months. This photo is an outtake from our Love Haida Gwaii Haida Heritage Centre Management team photo-shoot.


Haawa to Nika Collison and the Haida Gwaii Museum, Lin Armstrong, Robert Davidson, Karen Dean,  Saraphine Pryce, Kwiaahwah Jones and the Bill Reid Gallery, Karen Duffek and the Museum of Anthropology, and everyone else who helped me write my grant application and supported me in taking on this next step.

Blog written by Michaela McGuire, Photographer, Project Officer at GNC & now Intern Curator